About me

Tell us who you are ?

Lauris: (laughs) Computer Science Student Very early on I discovered fashion through TV shows and I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Since then, all my daily efforts have brought me closer to my goal Today I am still far from realization but closer than yesterday

Give us 3 words to better describe you ?

Passionate, determined & ambitious

Which famous character inspires you the most ?


What is your favourite sport ?

Indoor cycling

3 brands you like very much ?

Versace, Dior & Victoria’s Secret

What is your particularity ?

is to never give up because I believe in myself, to wake up every morning with the greatest motivation and mood and to tell myself that I have an obligation to be better than yesterday

What are your aspirations in life ?

I have great self-confidence and I would like to achieve the greatest challenges ever faced by black women in fashion

What are your career plans ?

is to continue what I’m already doing and above all to evolve in my career, to see myself on big campaigns and fashion week shows

How do you see yourself in fashion in 5 years ?

I would have said like Naomi Campbell, but it’s so cliché that I’ll say: I see myself achieving my goals, being a great model, working with great brands. if possible be an actor in the development of fashion in Africa And finally, a hope for my Beninese sisters who have the same dream